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the True Natural and organic bio cosmetic certification

health benefits
s a non-profit company, we give shelter, support and a logo to real true natural and organic cosmetics. our message is very simple. this platform helps consumers to find truly natural and organic beauty and skin care products from creators of truly natural cosmetic, passionate to strive only for the best quality to save our skin and health. producers promoting only their best products. customers will find here the best suited to their needs.

we tell the world why natural cosmetics is the natural choice
most cosmetic products on the market are full of synthetic ingredients. we do not think that they are necessary for our health.

TrueNat is different from other logos
natural cosmetics are defined by other logos. many products claim to be natural but are far from it. they get away with it. that is not right and we will change this. minimum 90% of the ingredients in our products are of certified organic quality and the remaining is natural. all of them are harmless for humanity and the world, to guarantee a healthy and eternal life for mankind and our planet.

TrueNat promotes producers with moderate registration fees
producers better invest into the best rawmaterials for their products, instead of expensive registration fees and procedures. we
ensure, that high quality raw materials for natural cosmetics are used. high quality ingredients require high quality farming and sustainable production. that is why we promote organic farming and all actions to protect biodiversity. nature is a cycle. it’s about respect, about taking and giving back.

TrueNat logo
when you see our TrueNat logo on a label, then you know, that you can trust and feel safe.
look out for the TrueNat - label. it is your guarantee: the products you buy have the highest standards on the market! no synthetics, no petrochemicals, gmo-free, no irridation, no animal testing - healthy for your body and protecting the environment.

we reach out for the True Nature loving consumers and suppliers
natural cosmetics is about more than ingredients. many people and other organisations share this fundamental belief of harmony between people and nature. It is important to take a step and protect nature and our planet’s biodiversity.

become a partner
as a producer of shampoo, lotion, cream, toothpaste, beauty care and and cosmetic proucts of true natural and organic quality, your products can get certified and receive the TrueNat - quality seal. make a ste: contact and join.


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